Energy Bytes Wild Strawberry, healthy alternative to energy gels for running. Pre workout gummies with caffeine, vitamin-enriched, fast-acting energy
Energy Bytes in Orange Crush, Atomic Apple, Wild Strawberry, and Berry Blast flavours. Pre workout gummies with caffeine and vitamin-enriched for running.

World’s First Energy Gummies

Instant energy + zero crash
  • Vitamin enriched and fast-acting energy gels for running and pre workout


  • Energy gels and pre workout alternative made in the UK

    made in
    the uk

  • Instant energy gummies for running and pre workout


  • Fast-acting pre workout gummies and running supplements


  • easy-to-dose and delicious energy gels alternative


How Energy Bytes Compares...

Coffee/Energy Drinks

  • Instant energy, anytime, anywhere
  • Vitamin-enriched
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Zero crash
  • Precise caffeine dosage


Packed with caffeine, vitamins B, A, and D and crafted in the UK. Energy like you’ve never tasted, so you can experience life like you’re meant to!

Energy, Anytime, Anywhere

Energy Bytes is the solution for an instant nutrient-rich energy boost MINUS the wait or weight of coffee and energy drinks







Recommended For

  • Doctors 👨‍⚕️

  • Shift workers 👷🏻‍♂️

  • gym-goers 💪🏻

  • Mums 🤱

  • Drivers 🚗

  • Athletes 🏃🏽

Energy Never Tasted So Good

Enjoy our range of delicious natural fruity flavours


Energy Bytes are gummies made with natural caffeine, B-vitamins and vitamin A&D. Our caffeine gummies are designed to boost you performance while running, cycling and working out.

They are far more delicious than caffeine tablets, have less sugar than energy drinks, and are more portable than coffee. Say goodbye to jitters, bad breath and accidental spills!

What's even better is that Energy Bytes are low in calories and sugar, gluten-free, made with 100% vegan approved ingredients.

Our gummies work FAST.

In fact, they work 5X faster than energy drinks thanks to our unique quick-release formulation! The caffeine is absorbed directly through your mouth lining as you chew, entering your bloodstream almost immediately. This process is exactly why you will feel the energy boost in just 5 to 10 minutes after consumption.

Try our on-the-go pack, a perfect size to pop in your bag so you can bring your energy side-kick with you everywhere you go.

Everyone needs a kick of energy here and there.

The best part about our gummies is they fit easily in your pocket for on-the-go energy that packs a punch and is more convenient than energy drinks or coffee

Everyone has a different relationship to caffeine. So, try 1-2 Bytes at a time and see how they work for you!

Recommended up to 5 Bytes per day.

Unlike beverages, Energy Bytes are instantly absorbed through the membranes in your tongue and mouth. This is the fastest and most optimal way to get caffeine & vitamins into your system. Learn More.